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Kemtrace OptiMAX

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Kemtrace OptiMAX (Organic Mineral Mixture)

  • Best Organic Mineral mixture prepared with Metal Propionate Technology, Which helps in 4 time higher retention in your animal body than other chelated minerals.

    Product Specification:

    Organic chelated minerals (Zn, Co, Cu, Cr, Mn), Metal Propionate Technology

    Composition: Ca, Ph, Mg, Cu, Zn, Mn, Co, Cr, Fe, I,Se with Vitamin A, D3  & E


    • Better immunity.
    • Reduces the milk fluctuation.
    • Better reproductive cycle.
    • Shining Body
    • Reduces the diseases like mastitis, Foot rot, lameness etc.
    • Timely removal of placenta.

    Dose Rate: 50 gm per animal per day or 10 kg / MT feed. 15 gm per calf per day, 25 gm per heifer per day

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