How you place your order?

To Place your order you need to login to the site and select the item you want by clicking on add to cart. If you love a product but want to buy it latter then you can also add that product to your wish list.

How do you find your order?

Once you log in you can get to know about your entire order details by clicking on cart or track your order. Scroll to see all the things you’ve ordered from us. You’ll see the product name, an image, and other details about it. You can also find the order number, when you ordered it, and when it will be delivered to you.

Track your order

If you want to track your order, just click on track your order option and you’ll see a vertical line that maps the delivery sequence of your order. There are 4 steps we follow to deliver your product –

Ordered & Approved, Packed, Shipped and Delivered

Or, If you want to cancel or remove your order then only click the remove button present in the right hand side of the product in your cart.

Need Help

If you have any doubt regarding your order cancellation, returns, discounts, or payments you can call our client administration.